Long Term Athletic Development: Building up a model

In my opinion, LTAD refers to the need of having a system in place which allows the players to be exposed in a consistent manner through the years to a thoughtful progression of exercises with the essential components (body awareness, core stability, breathing patterns, etc) to develop a foundation, which will allow them to build... Continue Reading →

Long Term Athlete Development: Myth or Reality?

Why? Is it Worth it? I like to think about long term athlete development (LTAD) as an integral education, beyond the influence that it has with the sport performance. Movement competency: The vehicle for a healthy lifestyle. I consider that everyone should have a minimum background of movement competency that allow them to benefit from... Continue Reading →

Physical Qualities: New approach

Is there room for a new vision of physical qualities ? Traditionally, it has been said that there are four physical qualities: strength, endurance, speed and flexibility. All of them are at the same level of importance and with a degree of interaction that is very small or non-existing. Currently, the large amount of information... Continue Reading →

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